The Karmy Family


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This is a jumping off point where you can find all the projects going on with our family, or contact any of us via email.

If you are ever in the Auburn WA area, drop us a note and let's get in touch. Click each name to see the sites and activities for each member of our family.

Karmy Family Pictures - Flickr Photo Site
67VA For Sale - Custom House & Property in Virginia

Andy Karmy


Facebook - Andy's Facebook Page - Current flying site
miniMax - miniMax building site
RV9A - RV9A building site - Misc mashup site
Instagram - Andy's Instagram Images
LinkedIn - Andy's LinkedIn Profile - AAA Church PA Schedule

Debbie Karmy


Facebook - Debbie's Facebook Page
Pinterest - Debbie's Pinterest Board

Andrew Karmy


Facebook - Andrew's Facebook Page - Info Vanity Page
Instagram - Andrew's Instagram Images
BMW2002 - Andrew's BMW2002 project site

Emily Karmy


Facebook - Emily's Facebook Page
Elwha Accessories Blog - Things that inspire me
Instagram - Emily's Instagram Images
Elwha Accessories - Emily's Etsy Shop
Pinterest - Emily's Pinterest Board

Bella 'd Beagle


Sorry, Bella has no email

Flickr Pictures - Bella's Picture Page
Bella's Blog - Musings from the pampered pooch